Where do you want to Greek-go in 2021?

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

We loved the SNL sketch featuring Madame Vivelda, which is set in 2019 with the New York fortune teller having crazy mixed-up comical-dark visions of 2020 that pretty much came true. What Americans managed to make it to Europe/Greece this summer tended to be either Tom Hanks and Gigi Hadid, with maybe a few in between who landed here by mistake.

Fine time to start a Greek travel column, right? Such are the facts of life, so to speak. 2020 was a blurred vision at best, and without finger-pointing and squawking about it (there are other websites for that), we will just give you this little bit of insider information: no matter what happens in the next few months as this year comes to a close, travel in 2021 is going to look a lot different. Those selfies of Gigi or LiLo in floppy beach hats standing with the caldera of Santorini in the background will be about as fashionable as pastry lessons from Marie-Antoinette circa 1789.

No, Santorini is not going anywhere—but will you be going to Santorini? Should you be? Maybe, maybe not. But we have some pretty good ideas of where you might want to go instead. So, watch this space...and in the meantime, feel free to let us know where you'd like to Greece-go in 2021. We can't guarantee it'll happen but, just like Arby's has the meats, we got the maps...

...and maybe even a few Rhodes.

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