The Riddle of Greek snacking has just been solved (peanut butter helped)

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

The Riddle bar is new but has classic chocolate-meets-peanut butter snack appeal. Think three layers of crisp wafer with velvety peanut butter cream coated with milk chocolate in a handmade snack bar perfect for travel or anytime, anywhere snacking.

These delicious Riddles come in two varieties. The Riddle peanut butter bar is a crisp and light wafer coated with milk chocolate and filled with velvet peanut butter cream. Rich yet light and not too sweet, this delectable chocolate bar "crumbles delightfully and melts slowly in the mouth leaving the palate with the delicious aftertaste of their premium ingredients and give the body the boost and energy of a real super food." Yum!

Now, the Riddle peanut butter and bitter chocolate cream bar puts a different twist on things. It's also got a crisp and light wafer coated with milk chocolate and filled with velvet peanut butter combined with dark chocolate cream.

Whichever bar you choose (I suggest both), your palate may at first think Reese's Peanut Butter Cups but one bite into the Riddle bar and you'll taste the difference: this is light, crispy, cosmopolitan snacking supremacy. We love Reese's as much as Gal Gadot but truly the Riddle adds a new dimension to the chocolate-peanut butter experience. Adding to the appeal is that the rectangular bars are actually shaped like curvaceous uncracked peanuts. (How did no one ever think of this before?)

And where do these gourmet handmade snack bars come from? That much is no riddle: they are the latest scrumptious creation from Parfait Fine Delicacies, located in northern Greece near Thessaloniki.

In sum: smooth chocolate two ways (milk and dark), velvety peanut butter, crispy new way, new bar. This may be the best thing to happen to Greek snacking since they started selling commercial varieties of those pasteli honey sesame bars from Crete.

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