Mykonos Airport Gets a Facelift

Wasn't it about time?

Mykonos is glamorous, until now it's airport was not.

Fraport Greece, the German-Greek consortium that operates a number of airports in Greece, has been hard at work in the Greek islands. The outdated and overcrowded old terminal has, according to Greece Is, been both redesigned and expanded by 50 percent, "creating more space for check-in counters, departure gates, as well as a unique ambiance with attractive amenities." Now, the terminal "combines traditional Cycladic architectural highlights with modern airport facilities."

No word yet on the addition of private terminals for VIPs (i.e. big spenders), which was the big trend in A-list jet-setting before the pandemic stopped things like frequent flyer upgrades in their tracks. But it's safe to guess there will be more luxe touches to come, because Mykonos.

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