Kostas Bakoyannis tells all about Athens

Updated: Mar 24

Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis

The longer you linger in Athens the more you understand why through it all it has always been at the center of it all. The Greek capital carries a lot of weight on its columns, so to speak.

And so to does anyone elected to run a metropolis that includes more than three million people within its orbit. When times are good, you want to avoid letting your city become another tourist theme park like Venice or parts of Manhattan. And when they're not so good, there's still plenty of work to do—sprucing up parks, building some new ones, managing traffic (lots of it) and more.

But the young Mayor of Athens—only 42!—Kostas Bakoyannis, has much more to say about all that than me. Read my full interview with the mayor at euronews, here.

The mayor has a lively Instagram account, by the way...you can find that here.

Hotels mentioned in a sidebar to the interview include Asomaton and The Dilan.

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