Kalling All Kardashians! Amanzoe is on

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Amanzoe, the luxury Greek hilltop resort & hotel, is once again ready for its close-up.

Got a chopper? Well you don't need to own one, but you should probably be able to pay for a ride on one without a second thought, because that's the choice way to arrive at the posher than posh Amanzoe resort in Porto Heli, Greece.

As they put it, "the helicopter flight from Athens to Amanzoe creates a swift segue into an altogether wilder Greece—a place of pure nature, where time stands still. Scattered with Unesco-protected ruins, the beach-fringed Peloponnese has been at the heart of Greek culture for millennia, its small mountain towns and quaint seaside villages welcoming visitors to traditional Greek living at its best. It is on the east coast of this fabled peninsula that Amanzoe rests, a modern-day Acropolis from which 360-degree views encompass olive groves, Aegean blue, and little else."

"Designed to meld with the land, suites and villas with private pools open onto fragrant gardens or the beach, where speedboats lie waiting to zip between secret coves and the nearby islands of Spetses and Hydra."

(Hydra by the way is a bit of a juggernaut as islands go: the smart money's on Spetses.)

Now barring a very large earthquake, Porto Heli will never be the Greek island it secretly wishes it was, but in the current travel environment where simplified logistics are the new holy grail, it's nice that you don't need to take a ferry to get to Porto Heli—of course you can, if you wish, but the thing to do is to grab a Kardashian, or to be one already, and sign up for the helicopter ride. You could drive too, but the road from Athens is long and winding, and you'll be tempted to stop at the ancient theater of Epidavros or the ruins of Mycenae and then it becomes a different kind of trip altogether. And let's face it, a rental car isn't going to light up your Instagram like stepping out of a helicopter to your big fat secluded Greek hilltop resort retreat.

For a while I wasn't sure if Amanzoe would open at all this summer, given what's been going on, but affable General Manager Paul Linder, who hails from Switzerland, affirms they've been open since June 18: "July and August looks really promising for Pavilion and particular Villa bookings, especially from the European and hopefully soon from the UK market too—whereas we are a bit concerned about the US market as they would love to get out their country but are blocked by the travel restrictions!"

He also says that the resort is "really looking into a very progressive and strong season, even shorter than expected but it is what it is and [we will] make the best out of it!" Another certainty is that prized seclusion. As Linder puts it, Amanzoe is "just the perfect place to be in these uncertain circumstances, and no one has to think and worry about social distance and privacy!"

And how. As for rates and such for this slice of heaven well, as we have noted...kalling all Kardashians!

Tip: if a stay at Amanzoe is beyond your budget, consider a lazy luxe lunch at their private, upscale beachside taverna before setting out to explore area attractions.

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