Meet the Greek hotel bathroom that you literally can't handle

Mirror mirror on the wall, where's the coolest hotel bathroom of them all? Well before we reflect on that for a moment, let's have a closer look at that mirror...

"It's an 18th-century French mirror," says Oana Aristide, owner of the posh Aristide Hotel in Ermoupouli, the quixotic capital of Greece's Cycladic archipelago (note: if you party too hard in nearby Mykonos, the courtroom you might end up in will be here:) "We bought it at auction in Sweden and had it delivered to Syros by truck."

Leave it to the French to figure out a way to reveal all your flaws in the most elegant manner possible! Mais oui. Fact is, coming across a relic like this in a sea-view bathroom that's also graced with expertly articulated marble from nearby Tinos is a kind of revelation. The entire hotel embraces art and color and texture in a classy way you don't find in very many places today. Neither minimalist nor maximalist, it's simply chic, and refreshingly unscripted.

Speaking of scripts, or words, Aristide is also an author, having penned the acclaimed novel Under the Blue which is at the top of our reading list this summer.

I recently stayed at a very swish spot in another Greek island where the sink was in the bedroom, the shower was on its own and the commode was separate from both. That's one French "innovation" we can definitely do without—salles de bains 101.

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