Greece on Sale? The new American announcement

American Airlines puts Athens back on the flight grid

One. American Airlines

...has announced that it will resume non-stop service from New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport to Athens International Airport in June. These are seasonal flights, so we're talking about a daily departure from JFK starting Wednesday, June 2 (so they say—AA's statements to the press about its scheduling have been less than reliable these past several months) through October 30.

Those JFK flights will be using Boeing's 777-200 airplane, which was some cutting edge aircraft circa 1995. Not sure what American's thinking on that is, but in the meantime Delta is rolling out the Airbus A330-900neo for its upcoming new flights from Gotham West (New York) to Gotham East (Tel Aviv). Delta will have Israeli wines on its flights, but will American make Greek wines available on its Hellenic long-hauls? We bet not. Also, some websites (The Points Guy is one of them) have somewhat misleadingly reported that AA is putting the Athens route "on sale" next week but we have no independent verification that the fares that will be available for purchase from January 25 will be "sale" fares.

Also, given the extremely slow pace of the covid vaccination rollout across Europe—we hear Germany is royally irked and Italy is about to sue Pfizer—do we recommend buying tickets for travel to any European destination in spring right now? No way.

Two. Wine Roads of Crete

Bet you didn't know that Crete has wine roads you can follow? It does. Many of these fan out southward from the capital, Heraklion. Now, if you drive in Crete it may sometimes appear that some of your fellow drivers have done more than just "taste" one of the fine local wines but they probably haven't. They just happen to be from Crete--though it may not always seem like it, they know the roads better than you do.

Is This the Dawning of the Age of the Power Bracelet?

The blue bracelet seen in this screen grab of Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis during a press conference at first threw us for a bit of a loop. But according to encyclopedia Britannica online, "Greek political culture is frequently suffused with hypermasculinity, and Mitsotakis unashamedly went against the grain by wearing a lucky charm bracelet and revealing himself to be a green tea drinker."

Is it fabric or metal? We're not sure, but we're all for power bracelets if the occasion calls for it. if you're in the mood for a bit of Grecian bling yourself, remember that museums in Greece may not be open yet, but some museum gift shops never close.

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