World's tiniest photo fest set to take ANTIPAROS by storm

Columnist Kostis has tipped us off to the super cool Antiparos International Photo Festival taking place July 10-18 at the island's 15th-century castle, with free admission.

So I said to K: Does this mean I can do a post about Antiparos without mentioning Tom Hanks and his bevy of idle-rich pals (I mean, Barry Diller, again? Please BD, do something else with your time and lucre) who pull their odious yacht bumpers up to Hankie's once a year here like the swallows returning—hear that looooong yawn—to Capistrano? To which he replied characteristically, nai, or loosely translated, Go for it.

Anyway our spies Spiros and Cleopatra over in lovely Antiparos report not having spotted even a single has-been celebrity or sanity-challenged space-bound billionaire plying the serpentine lanes that are currently curated with an engaging range of visuals from the likes of photographers Vasilis Nempegleriotis, Angeliki Fragkiadaki (who may be Cretan so look out, says Kostis), Despina Pilati and Curro Rodriguez. 15 shutterbugs from around planet Earth were selected by a jury panel to showcase their stuff to the theme "The Wild Side," and all the photos are displayed alongside the castle walls. That is super cool, for photo fans of all ages.

Also of note: AIPF 2021 Guest of Honour Stratos Kalafatis will be presenting photographs of his global reach essay “Athos: Colours of Faith”. A unique artistic

journey in this 1,000 year-old male-only religious community in Greece, will be hosted at the Anti Art Gallery, Kastro Antiparos, from 10th to 30th July 2021.

Where to stay in Antiparos? We're not really sure, we heard about a newish place called The Rooster, but for more about "the smallest international photography festival in the world" do without delay check out

Images courtesy Antiparos International Photo Festival

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