Did this Greek scientist JUST SAVE the President?

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Well, his specialty cocktail certainly couldn't have hurt

Okay, so he says his name is George and we're fine with that—after all, we've been down this road before

(a certain crooner named George Michael comes to mind)—but his last name is Yancopoulos and judging by the Grecian ring of things we're guessing that this officially American, but otherwise pretty much Greek biomedical scientist and co-founder with Dr. Leonard Schleifer of Tarrytown, N.Y.-based Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc., of which he also serves as President, might also go by the moniker of Giorgos.

And we're also guessing it's more than a little possible that he just threw that other President, the one named Trump, a potential lifeline in the form of an experimental Covid-19 monoclonal antibody drug "cocktail." According to The Wall Street Journal, President Trump’s endorsement of Regeneron's drug "has raised expectations for a type of medicine that could be authorized for public use within weeks or even days." Monoclonal antibodies can offer a measure of protection against some infections.

According to Greek newspaper Kathimerini, the White House contacted Regeneron on October 1. The world has been watching with bated breath since. Read the full interview with Giorgos er...George Yancopoulos (in Greek) here.

UPDATE: Read the English version of Kathimerini's interview here.

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