At the turning of the sun, Syros

There is an island called Syrie, if you have ever heard of it,

beyond Ortygia, at the turning of the sun.

Homer, Odyssey xv, 403f.

The Homeric Syrie, or modern Syros, owes its name to the Phoenician word ousoura (meaning either blessed or wealth), according to one view, since it is thought that the earliest inhabitants the island were Phoenicians. According to legend, a very troubled old king who may have been related to Theseus was shipwrecked in the open sea off what used to be Paronaxia, and came to Syra on the back of blue dolphin. He recuperated in a cave on island and the islanders made him their king. Some say the king buried precious stones and gold in the cave, but others say the king's treasure was this unsung Cycladic island itself.

This is Syros #unfiltered, at the turning of the sun.

Captions? If you insist...

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