United is selling tickets to Greece for flights starting April 30...should you buy?

Updated: Mar 8

United Airlines' website is now selling tickets from Newark Liberty International Airport to Athens International Airport for non-stop flights starting April 30, 2021.

The equipment used will be a 767-300, a plane that was the hot new thing in...the late 1980s. In 2019 United was already flying the Dreamliner from Newark to Dublin, of all places—it's ridiculous that they can't find a newer plane than the 767 to service the capital of Mediterranean tourism.

Delta will supposedly restart its seasonal non-stops from JFK to Athens in May —

— using an Airbus A330-300 which yes, is somewhat less shabby a jet than a lumbering old 767 but come on Delta—you can't find a place in your heart for at least one A350 to serve the country to whose alphabet you owe your freaking name? But at least Delta's still blocking the middle seat (we hear) so kudos for that. And they always had the better in-flight, Sky, so there's that too (the mag was based not in Atlanta btw but Minneapolis, the strange city that also improbably gave the world Prince so you see it's full of surprises, that America!)

American airlines have just got to ditch the habit of flying aging aircraft long-haul. It's ok for a short hop from Palm Springs to Phoenix (that is, if the co-pilot bothers to show up for work) but for a transatlantic? No way José. As always, we recommend British Airways or Virgin Atlantic to London and connecting to Athens on Aegean.

If governments in the USA, Europe and the UK can put their heads together in time for the airlines not to be thrown for the loop they were last spring, there will likely be a surge in air travel to Greece particularly from June. So if you can find a good fare now you might want to grab it. Also, planning to chill out in Mani? You might want to book that car rental now, because last time we checked there ain't no train to Gytheio.

Photos courtesy California Aeronautical University and Aegean Airlines.

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